Şevval Büşra Toker Legal Intern b.toker@guleryuz.av.tr
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Şevval Büşra Toker

Şevval Büşra graduated from Turkish-German University, Faculty of Law. During her education in Istanbul High School, Şevval Büşra, participated in the UNESCO-SEMEP competition andreceived the "Best Environmentally Responsible Project" award on behalf of the school.

Şevval Büşra is currently pursuing her legal internship in Istanbul Bar Association while assisting our dispute resolution and general corporate law teams. She is fluent in English, German and Turkish. 


Responsibility of Hospitals Due to Nosocomial Infection, Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Law Medical Law Congress: Responsibility of Hospitals, January 2021 [co-author with Prof. Dr. Zafer ZEYTİN].